Waiting UTMB descision , calendar rescheduling 2020

COVID 19 modify all outdoor calendar of present season, trail runners need to rescedule their training plans and competitions program; waiting what will happen with UTMB 2020.

ORWT keep calendar from June with the Korea 50k and Korea 100K followed by Australian Lakes 100K.

Andorra Ultra Trail postponded to 2021

Andorra Ultra Trail should cancel the 2020 edition and reprogram again for 2021. Then the Pyrenees Country base race should wait until 2021

Everest Trail Race scheduled for November

ETR keep registrations open for the highest event of the series across Nepal Himalayas mountain, do not miss the opportunity to join this amazing adventure.

We priorize the safety and health of our runners, and balancing our support to our event organitzation mebers to think on a bussy autumm and winter trail running seson, specially adding south hemisphere events soon. DANI BUYO , Outdoor Race World Tour CEO.

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