Get ready for 2021 ? season empty ? or changing targets ?

Some trail runners decide to let empty the season after this calendar stop forced by COVID 19 , then what do you think is best ? change targets ? or think directly on 2021, lets know what think some of top trail runners.

Like anything in life, trail runners ought to look inward to determine their reasons for running any race at all. UTMB is no different. These days we have options to pick and choose what kind of trail race resonates with us, whether it’s the Ironman style of trail running with the big screens and the glam, or Silverton High School where 10 humans see you finish one of the toughest races in the world.

The Pro's opinion

“Overall, I’m pretty pumped with this ultra scene right now. The UTMB policy does not define our sport.” Says Efta. Despite criticisms, the new UTMB policy is more flexible than before and favours the masses. Fung thinks it favours those having to opt out due to pregnancy or injury. Yet, questions around how this controls the demand are looming. UTMB may be easier to get in, but much harder to place.

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